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Hey, fellow travelers! Let’s talk about the Yakima SkyBox NX 16 Rooftop Cargo Box – my latest co-pilot on the highway. This rooftop marvel has seriously revamped my road trip game. You ever played 3D Tetris with camping gear? Me neither, ’til I met the SkyBox. It boasts a flat bottom interior that’s a dream for packing. It’s like having an extra trunk on top of your car. The interior tie-down points? Consider your gear safe and sound.

Now, the SkyBox doesn’t just perform, it looks sharp too. The NX nano-texture gives it a sleek, matte finish, so say goodbye to blinding glares. And don’t even get me started on the hatch clearance – my SUV never felt so spacious. The dual-sided opening is a game-changer. It’s like having doors on both sides of your car – seriously handy when you’re in a packed lot or on the roadside.

The cherry on top is the security features. The SKS locks keep your gear locked away, and the full metal handle won’t let the key go until everything’s secure. Not to mention the removable torque-limiting knob – that’s peace of mind right there. In a nutshell, the Yakima SkyBox NX 16 is a beast of a rooftop cargo box. Whether you’re a trio of campers or a snowboard enthusiast, it’s got you covered. Now, if you’ll excuse me, the open road is calling!

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Ah, the Yakima SkyBox NX 16, a name that echoes among the coterie of road trippers and adventure seekers like a siren’s song. This rooftop marvel promises to add an extra 16 cubic feet of space to your vehicle, transforming it into an Aladdin’s cave of gear storage.

Item Dimensions LxWxH 75.5 x 35 x 16 inches
Color Black
Item Weight 46 Pounds
Shell Type Hard

The SkyBox NX 16 is an embodiment of ingenuity, replete with features that make you wonder how you ever managed without them. The flat bottom interior, for instance, offers the practicality of a studio apartment, allowing you to utilize every inch of space. Those integrated tie-down points make securing gear a breeze, ensuring your belongings don’t transform into projectiles on a bumpy trail.

Then there’s the NX nano-texture adorning both the lid and base, which gives the SkyBox a contemporary aesthetic appeal. It’s a departure from the glossy, shiny plastic of yore, and I find it adds a touch of rugged sophistication. The design of the rack clamps is another admirable feature. They attached to my Prinsu Rack as if they were long-lost siblings, making the installation process remarkably straightforward.

The SkyBox is a veritable Tardis, accommodating gear for up to three campers or snugly fitting snowboards and skis up to 175 cm. The dual-sided opening is an absolute game-changer, offering the convenience of accessing your gear from either side of the vehicle.

However, every rose has its thorn, and the SkyBox is no exception. My bone of contention lies in the closing mechanism. The lock is designed not to release the key until the lid is fully shut, thereby engaging three internal latches. Although this feature may appear beneficial, it’s akin to wrangling a bull when you’re battling against inclement weather conditions. The lack of external handles to grip makes the process even more challenging, akin to trying to catch a slippery fish with your bare hands.

The issue became particularly pronounced during my journey through Colorado, where the frosty weather made closing the lid akin to a Herculean task. Although we tried reducing the load, it was still an uphill battle. However, I understand that this might be a universal challenge with rooftop boxes, as handles seem to be as rare as hen’s teeth in this industry.

In summation, the Yakima SkyBox NX 16 is a formidable piece of kit, capable of elevating your road trip experience to unprecedented heights. However, it could certainly benefit from the addition of handles or a similar solution to facilitate a more straightforward closing process. I’m currently pondering whether to modify it myself or explore more premium alternatives. But for the time being, the SkyBox remains a trusted ally on my adventures, albeit with a minor foible.


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